10 marzo 2008

what a big trip

i must to tell the story just how i remember and please forguet my redaccion and my ortography.
todo empezó cuando llegué a Torreón, después de un gran viaje y algunos contratiempos amistosos.
Was a dificult trip for me; because i have to acept losse something that i wanted, and i still want, but i have to forguet. usually i don't accept loose, but this time, was my first time doing it.
then every person i meet, remmember me, the importance to forguet my wish, may be i will never give up, but truly im going to wait the necesary time if someting else don't happen before.
But then i have to mantain a smile that in the last day, was almost erased from my face.
he was sick and he try to don't look as one, he make us the life the most easy posible, but the energy that we lost was a fact that we could't keep, and we offer with open hands.
Today is a dificult day for him, and for us, and we can't do anything to help, just wait and pray, and for person like me who cannot pray i always think on him, and send all the energy i can.
but sometimes i can stand up of my bed.
I just cannot be in love any more, i have a boy friend that almost see him, and i don't miss. i have someone who i love, but he is to far away from me and no money to visit him or being visit.
and here im in a world who don't permit be in love. i have to much thing to do. i dont want to be married, but i don't want to be alone either.
i just know, i don't know when i lost him, well sincerely i know exactly the moment, and then didn't know what he feel but now i feliing that.
i just want he be, and be happy. i just want he still alive to much time, and be all that time happy no matter with.

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Hôichi dijo...

el amor es un sentimiento relativo, si se le puede llamar así, yo creo que es más un impulso. Y no podemos hacer que la gente sea como sea, y tampoco es bueno querer saber como es alguien en algunas ocasiones. Lo mejor es seguir, a ver donde nos lleva la corriente.


Miguel Avilés dijo...


bLanchE ʚïɞ dijo...

Aish... No sé inglés.

Alberto dijo...

Cuantas ganas de re-engancharme a mi rutina blogera Pero es que con tanto trabajo, llevo unos meses de infarto.

Aún así un placer pasar por aquí, y poder visitarte, leerte y saludarte.

En un par de meses se acabará el estrés y podré volver a pasearme por mis blogs amigos favoritos.

Un abrazo y cuídate.


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